How to Prepare Your Roof for Fall in Colorado

Persistent unfavorable weather is one of the main causes of roof damage. Fortunately, there are a number of simple operations designed to protect the roof in the fall.

roof inspections

Regular inspections

Roofing professionals suggest that inspections should be done before and after the cold season, to make sure that the roof is not damaged and can withstand weather conditions. It is recommended to increase the frequency of inspections once every four months, if you live in a rainy area, surrounded by trees.

Environmental Dangers

Trees are one of the greatest hazards to roofs, especially in autumn – winter. During particularly strong storms, tree branches may break and fall on the roof, causing significant damage. Leaves, cones, small twigs and hard nuts can also cause many problems. If they are not cleaned, they can rot, causing the roof to disintegrate faster than it should.

Weather Risks

The rainy season represents the biggest threat to a roof. A well-maintained roof inspected by Fort Collins roofing company reps can withstand severe precipitations, but if it is not maintained regularly, insulated and ventilated, the autumn weather will accelerate the process of decomposition. So take care of these issues before the beginning of the autumn.

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