How to Stay on Top of Apartment Roof Maintenance

If you are the owner of an apartment complex or you are the property manager in charge of commercial roofing Denver CO property maintenance, here are a few tips to make your job easier when it comes to roof maintenance:

commercial roofing property maintenance inspection

  • Schedule regular inspections – prevention is the best way to avoid roof damage and costly repair, so hire a professional roofing team to inspect the roof on the property twice a year and to fix any issues they find. Regularly inspected roofs usually develop only minor problems that are quick and easy to fix;
  • Get overhanging tree branches cut off – buildings surrounded by large trees are friendlier and more attractive, but large, overhanging branches that can be torn off by a storm and get dropped on the roof pose serious dangers. Get the trees around the building trimmed to avoid such risks;
  • Seal off pipe boots – improperly sealing pipe boots are the most common cause of roof leaks, so make sure the rubber rings around the pipes are intact and free from rust;
  • Get the edges sealed – both flat and sloping roofs need metal sealing around the edges to prevent water from seeping through. Ask your roofing team to pay special attention to these edges while they are performing regular maintenance.

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