Is My Roof Water-Proof?

If you live in a house that is not getting leaks and has a roof that seems stable and intact, but you are still wondering whether your roof is water-proof, here are a few methods to test it:

roof moisture survey inspection

  • Inspect the roof or get it inspected by an expert Fort Collins roofer – make sure that every inch of the roof is checked for cracks or damaged components. Pay special attention to the sensitive, leak-prone areas, such as the roof valleys and the flashing;
  • Water the roof – grab your garden hose on a sunny day and apply a steady stream of water on the roof for a few minutes, paying attention to spray it, rather than apply it in a strong jet to avoid causing any damage, then go to the attic and check the attic space and the underside of the plywood for any water that the roof allowed to seep through – if there is no water in the attic, your roof is intact;
  • Hire a roof moisture survey Fort Collins roofing company expert – these services are usually available only in large cities and they are quite expensive, too, but it is the most advanced method used for pinpointing problem areas. The testing is non-invasive and it uses either infrared or nuclear scanning devices.

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