Roof Preventative Maintenance Strategies

Any roof has a warranty period, depending on the durability of the materials it is made from. However, a roof that is maintained regularly can last quite a long time past the initial warranty, pushing back roof replacement and helping building owners to save money.

If you want to get the most of your investment in the roof, you must consider maintenance not as an option, but as an integral part of a responsible plan.

Denver roofer

With the roof maintenance, timing is everything. Any roof type should be inspected at least twice a year. Denver roofer specialists suggest that spring and fall represent the right times to schedule the inspection, to determine if the roof is prepared for the cold season, of if it is still in good shape once the winter is over. However, “twice a year” is just the norm. In reality, a roof must be inspected anytime it is needed, which means after any severe weather phenomenon.

This practice is preventative; it helps you detect vulnerabilities and small problems before they turn into a disaster.

As a building owner, the best strategy is to establish a periodic maintenance plan and stick to it. If you do not know it, you must document the history of the existing roof and make a comprehensive roof survey featuring a detailed report of the current condition of the roof, its age, size and other important factors.

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