Tips for Avoiding Storm Damage Roof Repair Scams

Summer comes not only with great weather – it is also a season when roof-devastating storms become more frequent and roof repair scammers try to take advantage of the situation. According to an honest Fort Collins roofer, here are a few signs that the roofer who has just offered you his cheap and rapid services is a scammer or that he is not quite the expert he says he is:

scam alert

  • Unsolicited offers – if you are approached by a roofer who says that he and his team have just finished a roofing job in the neighborhood and they have some leftover materials, so they can do a good and very, very cheap job on your roof, you can start being suspicious. The scammer will probably ask you for a small sum of money to go to the nearby store to buy some more materials for your roof – if you give him the money, you will probably never see the guy and the money again;
  • Never pay for a roofing job upfront – legitimate, reputable roofers never ask for any down payment before the job is completed;
  • Never allow anyone to work on your roof without having signed a contract first – verbal agreements are just not good enough, you need a written agreement signed by a legit service provider that has an identifiable, registered business address.

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