Tips for Finding A Reliable Roof Cleaning Method

Choosing the right cleaning method to use on your roof is essential not only for the efficient removal of stains and impurities from the surface of your roof, but also for the health and safety of your roof – substances that are not suitable for the material that your roof is made from can damage the material beyond repair. Here are some of the most reliable cleaning methods used by a Fort Collins roofing company and substances that you can choose from:Fort Collins roofing company completes roof cleaningUsing your garden hose – watering the roof with your garden hose is the best and easiest method for home use. To avoid damage to your shingles or tiles, make sure that the water jet is not too strong and pick a dry day for the operation to ensure short drying time. You can also use some eco-friendly, mild detergent, case in which you should also rinse the roof after cleaning it with the soap;

Use an eco-friendly roof shampoo – these substances can be sprayed on and they are excellent for removing algae, moss and lichens, too.

No roof cleaning is complete until the gutters are clean, too – the debris that you wash off from the surface of the roof can clog the gutters and the downspouts, so don’t forget to clean the components adjacent to the roof as well.

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