Tips for Finding Roof Repair Issues

Roof repair issues come in different forms, some visible even standing on the ground, others almost invisible even when you are looking at the roof standing on its surface. Identifying roofing problems through inspection is an essential phase of roofing maintenance and repairs – an issue that you don’t know about cannot be repaired, so thorough inspection by a Denver roofer is key to successful roof preservation. Here is how you should handle the roof inspection task:

  • Check the attic – go to the attic soon after the rain and inspect the attic floor for wet spots, then have a look at the rafters and the decking, too. Wherever you find dampness or ponding water, the roofing above is likely to be damaged;

Denver roofer repairs roof leaks

  • Go to the roof to check the areas right above the leaks you have seen in the attic – be very careful as you move to prevent accidents. If you don’t find the source of the problem right above the damp patch or spot detected in the attic, look a bit higher because water travels downwards between the tiles or the shingles;
  • Check the flashing and the roof valleys – roofs tend to be weaker, more prone to developing leaks wherever two of its sections meet, so make sure you check those areas as well.

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