Understanding the Certifications of a Commercial Roofer


trained Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors undergo extensive education and practical training before they can start their own roofing company. If you are a good handyman, who has completed several DIY projects and you are currently considering a career in commercial roofing, the best way to get started is by finding an apprenticeship program offered by a commercial roofing company. These programs provide paid employment, working under the supervision of an experienced master roofer and classroom education to learn the theoretical basis of the trade. Most programs take several, usually 3-5 years to complete, after which you will be required to pass an exam to be allowed to start your own company.

Apart from obtaining the certificate and founding a business, most commercial roofers continue their education, attending workshops and courses offered by roofing material manufacturers and construction companies to learn new repair and installation technologies and to find out about the latest roofing materials used on commercial buildings. At the end of these workshops, the attending roofers receive certificates that prove their familiarity with specific technologies and materials – important documents, as certain manufacturers offer warranty on their material only if the materials are installed by a roofer who is a member of their network of certified experts.

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