What to Look for With Roof Hail Damage

Interstate Roofing repairs hail damaged roofs

Hail is among the nastiest enemies of roofing – the balls of ice, the high winds and the heavy rain associated with hailstorms can damage any roof, even the strongest, best-kept one. According to roofing experts at https://interstateroof.com/, here are some of the signs to look for when the storm is gone and you are checking your roof for damage:

  • Damage on the metal parts – sheet metal, whatever the alloy, is sensitive to really large hail. The signs to look for on your gutters, on your metal flashing or, if you have a metal roof, on the entire surface of the roof are dents of various sizes. Small dents are usually cosmetic damage, nothing more, but the components that have larger dents might become sensitive to rust and corrosion, so you might want to replace them;
  • Damage to the shingles – look for areas where the surface granules are missing and the asphalt substrate of the shingles is exposed. The signs of hail damage on shingle roofs also include dents, curling shingle edges and buckling;
  • Damage to clay tiles – tiles can get chipped or cracked when exposed to hail;
  • Missing components – whatever material your roof is made from, hailstorms can tear away components, so look for missing parts, then cover the gaps and take care of the replacing the parts that are gone before the next storm.

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