Will Insurance Cover Your Roof Replacement

roof insurance claim

The first thing to do, if you want an answer to this question is to contact your insurer and ask explanations about the specifics of your policy. Coverage typically depends on different aspects such as the age of a roof or  regular maintenance.

Roof damage caused by unpredictable situations  (fire, vandalism…) is covered by most general policies. Damage caused by very bad weather phenomena are also covered, in most of the cases, although how much coverage you will get is another aspect.

If you have a new roof (under 10 years old), you have all the chances to be fully reimbursed. However, for an older roof, you will likely be reimbursed just for its depreciated value,  which means that the age and the condition of the roof are taken into account. An honest Denver roofer can look at your damaged roof and give you a realistic cost for repair or replacement.

When it comes to roof damage caused by water infiltrations, you might need to make an additional policy to be sure that you will get compensation when it happens. Regular policies do not cover these problems, considering that periodic roof maintenance that prevents leaks is the responsibility of homeowners.

The best thing is to find a reliable insurer and talk about the best policy for your roof and for your budget.

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